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  This is the only place in Nepal where you can enjoy fresh "Avocado Fruit" and it is the only Resort with an "Orchid Garden". 
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The Kingdom of Nepal has an abundance of orchids, some 400 to 500 species. These are in the wild, as there one very few collection where you can view at leisure even a fraction of the wealth you have just have to see them in the wild. The wild orchids found in the short journey from Kathamndu to the lowlands of the Royal Chitwan National Park. Approximately a third of Nepal's orchids are on view in this transects.

These orchids are known to a number of European nurseries and growers, few fanciers have had the extraordinary opportunity to see them in their natural surroundings and environment growing as orchids in the wild.

To see these orchids or as many as possible in a short visit we strongly urge you to make a road safari visit from Kathmandu through the marvelous unfolding scenic vista laid open by the Tribhuvan rajpath highway, more affectionately and widely known as the rajpath. This is the modern road that parallels the earlier kings road that was the walking path linking kathmandu with the outside world until the opening of gauhati airport in April 1949 the motor road was completed in September 1956 and has experienced several upgrades in effect you will be taking a comfortable orchid safari from Kathmandu to Hetauda and to Chitwan via the Tribhuban Rajpath in the wild.

If you wished to see the orchids of Nepal in collections you would search in vain. the wide climactic range(from temperate to subtopic) precludes gathering the orchids in a single establisment. you will see some of the temperate orchids in the Godawari Botanic Garden , in in Kathmandu. And if you have the time and connection, in private collection, there are no official collections of the subtropical orchids although we have in part created one at Hetauda , ( Orchids Resort) How ever these do not rival those see in the wild, as nature created them where you simply must see them.

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From the Book : Wild Orchids in Nepal

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